Show Some Love to Our Smaller Furry Friends

We share a personal connection with our dogs. When I’m upset, my dog feels that same sense of depression and will do everything and anything to help. Dogs are quite emotional and attached to us; they understand both our joys and our sorrows. It is easy to see why they are members of our family. All this underscores just how important it is that you and I show our dogs that same type of unconditional love and affection.

Small dogs are no exception. Let’s show a little love for little dogs; they are cute, cuddly, energetic and pull at our heartstrings. They are truly unique, so much so they even have their own dog supplies designed for their special needs. Whether you have a Poodle, Pug, Pomeranian, Terrier or Spaniel, you'll need to know what types of items are best for your little dog. I show my Silky Terrier my love with treats, toys, and most importantly to him, all my attention! I also like to spoil my dog with high quality products, such as coats, collars, toys, leashes, beds, and bowls; anything to make their lives more comfortable and easier. What little dog wouldn't like that?

Did you know that according to the ASPCA, the annual cost of a small dog—including food, veterinary care, toys and license—is $420. Essential supplies range from dog beds, leashes, foods, collars and grooming supplies. Don't underestimate the importance of a good bed for your dog. They are actually quite important and keep the dog in a healthy and happy condition. Beds vary in size, quality and function. Some are made to be placed inside kennels while others are made to look like your own bed

Don’t forget small dogs should also have food made especially for their smaller mouths. The type of food is pretty much dependent on the type of dog you have and how old it is. You want to be sure the food provides the necessary amounts of calories and vitamins so your dog has a well balanced nutritional diet. Remember, the most important aspect of dog food is the nutritional value, not the smell of it or what it looks like. Don't forget about doggie treats such as biscuits, cookies, and other meat flavored delicacies!

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