Remembering a Lost Pet

A Facebook friend of mine recently lost their cat of 14 years. I’ve never had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Sugar but the heartfelt emotional post from my friend about her lost companion touched me. I was genuinely upset for this lovable cat and its poor parent. It got me thinking about how many people take their pets for granted. Our dogs and cats provide us with unwavering love. Next time, they wait for you to come home from work or school every day and are filled with the utmost joy as you walk through the door.

A home feels empty when we lose a pet; it feels like something isn’t lost. How can you try to fill that void in your home and family again? Well, from past experience I’ve found the best way to recover from losing a pet is to remember that pet for the lovable and loyal companion he or she was.

Create a memorial

Families often find that having a memorial ceremony for their pet is effective. This offers every member of the family a way to mourn together. It is also a time to really remember the things that you loved about your pet. A memorial is all about honoring the life of your pet and remembering the good times.

Remember the love your pet brought you

Some people think that remembering your pet is too painful. Whether you purposely do so or not, it is difficult not to think about your lost pet. So, instead of avoiding these memories, let them come naturally. This is a good tool for mourning this loss. Children often want to talk about their emotions related to the pet. Parents must be available for these conversations.

Talk about it

More than likely your pet played an instrumental role in your family. It had a relationship with each member individually. A healthy way to mourn your pet is to talk about it. Instead of outlawing this activity, allow it as a natural course in this loss. Some families set aside special times to discuss their pets.

Don't be afraid to mourn

Everyone mourns in a different and unique way. Some people are able to recover more easily than others. Allowing each person their time to mourn is wise. This may be an uncomfortable situation in some instances. Families also find this process quite sad. It is one of the healthy aspects to this loss and remembering your pet.

I also recently found out that there is a holiday for remembering pets that have gone to pet heaven. National Pet Memorial Day, which is the second Sunday in September, is a day when “pet lovers can remember their lost friends and show their appreciation for the love, memories, and joy their pets gave them throughout their lives.” I thought this holiday was absolutely wonderful and sent my friend a sympathy card in remembrance of her cat for this special day.

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