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Properly Train a Puppy When Living in an Apartment

Are you thinking about adopting a cute puppy? There are a few things to consider before making such an important decision. One of these is where you live. Do you own a home or live in an apartment building? Is your neighborhood or apartment complex dog-friendly? These are all important questions that…


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Keeping Your Dog Fit and Healthy

Just like any you and I, your dog can gain unhealthy levels of weight and suffer from low energy levels due to being too inactive, especially in the winter. There are ways, however, to combat this with a few simple exercises and everyday physical…


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Holiday Dangers to your Pet

Holidays can be risky times for pets. Among the many things you plan for during holidays, your pet’s safety should always be on included. It is disappointing to hear of a friend's pet suffering illness or death during the holiday season. However, it is a story that we hear far too often every holiday…


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Advice on Puppies this Holiday Season

As much as I disagree about giving pets as gifts during the holidays, I know it is going to happen. I only hope that everyone remembers that a new puppy is no ordinary gift; it isn't something that can be put in a closet or the attic when your attention for it runs out. Puppies are loving companions and need to be…


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Winter Dangers to Your Dog

Winter is quickly approaching and while the winter months can be lots of fun for you and your dog, there are a few precautions you should take to make sure your dog is healthy and happy all season long.

Here are seven of the biggest dangers your dog will face this winter season:

Cold - Don't…


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The Importance of Finding the Right Dog Crate

Dogs are den animals. It's their nature. Knowing this, it is important to create a safe area in the home where your dog can call its own little den. I recommend dog crates. They provide a safe, personal area where your dog can curl up…


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Show Some Love to Our Smaller Furry Friends

We share a personal connection with our dogs. When I’m upset, my dog feels that same sense of depression and will do everything and anything to help. Dogs are quite emotional and attached to us; they understand both our joys and our sorrows. It is easy to see why they are members of our family. All this underscores…


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Post-Neutering Pet Care

I’d like to remind everyone about the importance of spaying or neutering their cat or dog. Lately, I’ve been noticing an increasing number of feral cats hanging out around the neighborhood. Now I haven’t seen any dogs roaming about the message of spaying and neutering their dog is still the same – get it done! Believe…


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Urinary Problems in Cats

Very few instances in pet ownership are as sad as caring for a poor kitty with urinary tract infections; these are similar to those in humans in that they are painful, unpleasant, and can even be potentially lethal if untreated. Prevention can save your kitty a lot of pain and stress. Not only can these types of…


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Remembering a Lost Pet

A Facebook friend of mine recently lost their cat of 14 years. I’ve never had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Sugar but the heartfelt emotional post from my friend about her lost companion touched me. I was genuinely upset for this lovable cat and its poor parent. It got me thinking about how many people take their pets for granted. Our dogs and cats provide us with unwavering love. Next time, they wait for you to come home from work or school every day and are filled with the utmost joy as you…


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National Holistic Pet Day is Right around the Corner

I was doing some of the usual pet community surfing when I came across some information that August 30th is National Holistic Pet Day. How did this new holiday slip by me? It sounds like a pretty cool idea. I’m always up for natural ways to improve my pet’s health. This is even more exciting than Talk…


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Adjusting to City Life

I’m not exactly a city person; I admit it. I grew up in more of a rural area with occasional trips to suburbia if we ever felt like going shopping. That all changed when I went away to college. It wasn’t a major metropolitan area but it was a lot busier than anything I was used to experiencing. 

The one thing I missed most about moving to the city was the company of my dog. Now I know many city dwellers have dogs and their pets couldn’t be happier. I’m just worried that Conway (my…


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Finding Pet Food for Dogs with Sensitive Stomachs

My dog suffers from a squeaky stomach. You know those crazy noises that come from the dog’s belly after it eats? I didn’t give it much thought at first but after a recent trip to the vet, I discovered it was my dog’s food. After some research and tests with different types of dog food, we finally found a brand that…


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The Truth Behind Frisky Felines Foundation's Raid in November 2011

Frisky Felines Foundation is a legitimate non profit no kill cat shelter ran by Samantha and Randell Lee.

November 17, 2011 they were raided.  Many people have heard the story behind this and told Samantha that she was set up.  Samantha and Randell both know that they were retaliated against by the animal control officer because they filed a tort claim on him for the illegal seizure of their pet cats and their shelter cats on January 14, 2010.

The animal control officer went on…


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December 22, 2011

An now in Ripley's Believe It or Not! Hollywood Museum in California.

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My dog is worth the world to me.

The day of New Years Eve my dog was attacked by three other dogs.  At the time I thought they were Pit Bulls, I was later corrected by the owner, they are American Bull Dogs.  A breed which is larger than a Pit Bull.  Needless to say New Years Eve is considered a holiday so most vets were closed, the only one I found open was the emergency animal hospital.  Because it was a holiday they charged a $115 just to walk in the…


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She could not have been a better cat to me, I will always miss her.

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In Memory of Midnight

I lost my Dear Midnight Oct.2,2011.

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Press Release: WAGS Pet Therapy of Kentucky



Wayne Bonnett 

Public Relations Coordinator

WAGS Pet Therapy of Kentucky Inc.


Phone: 502-509-7387




Louisville, KY - August 16, 2011 - WAGS has been approved and listed as a Therapy Dog Organization…


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Saving Sunny Inc. hosts 'Pitty Fairness' event with Shorty Rossi and Hercules of Pit Boss

Louisville, KY, 5 July 2011 - Saving Sunny, Inc. is pleased to announce our summer fundraising event, PITTY FAIRNESS:  A Pet friendly art and music fair to celebrate the positive movement for pit bulls.  The event will feature celebrity guests, Luigi "Shorty" Rossi and Hercules from the Animal Planet show, Pit Boss.  PITTY FAIRNESS will take place on Saturday, July 30th,…

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