URGENT! Greyhound fresh off the track escaped from his Leitchfield home on Monday (2/13/2012)

Greyhound Pets of America/Louisville placed a dog in his new home in Leitchfield, KY this past weekend and he escaped Monday (02/13/2012) . . . less than 48 hours later. This dog is quite literally "fresh off the track" and is probably going to be very, very shy.

He is a fawn brindle named "Rusty" and he's wearing a collar with a GPA tag.  He is also microchipped.

Someone got close to Rusty Monday afternoon, but he spooked and took off across a field into some woods.
As you can see from Rusty's picture, Greyhounds are very lean with little fur, certainly nothing protect him in the cold weather we're currently experiencing.

Please help us spread the word, especially in the Angela Way neighborhood of Leitchfield, please alert them to keep an eye out for Rusty.
The local police and sheriff, animal control and veterinarians have all been alerted about this escaped Greyhound. 
Anyone who spots Rusty is urged NOT to chase him but to instead report any sightings to GPA/Louisville by calling 812-282-6492, 502-821-7345 or 502-995-3767. Or email us at .
For additional information, contact MIKE BEAVERS, President of Greyhound Pets of America/Louisville, at the phone numbers listed above.
Thank you!

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HAPPY NEWS! Rusty has been FOUND! He's home. His owners truly are fortunate. When a Greyhound escapes, especially one so fresh off the track and so new to a home (less than 48 hours), the odds are tremendously poor that he'd made it home again. Thank you for your concern and especially for your prayers for Rusty's safe return.

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