I'd like to get involved with sports and activities with my young, energetic dog, but I am only interested in positive, reward based training.  Any recommendations for trainers/schools/clubs? 

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Our Happy Tail Positive Pet Training classes are available at the Feeders Supply in Ring Road in E-town. The next class begins the week of October 11. You can get more information and register at the store. Complete schedule is posted on our website -
In addition to the Feeder's Supply training program, you may want to look at Sam Russel's Pet Provisions. It is located right in Etown. They offer Boot Camp: Obedience and agility training. Both are great options!
in Louisville the Kentucky Humane Society has agility classes that are reward based. AS Are all thier trianing classes.
Thanks, y'all! I didn't see agility classes posted for Feeders' in the most recent schedule. I did Obedience 1 at Sam Russells, and we liked it, and the trainer but there was some leash correction (no choke collars but leash correction with a martingale) that I don't think is what my dog and I need. She has issues with recall/running away, and she KNOWS I couldn't catch her in a million years, so I don't want her to have even the tiniest negative associations with me. We're going to have an assessment with a local trainer this Sat, and hopefully our philosophies will mesh. Otherwise, I may just wait for Feeders' next obedience 2 or agility class in etown.

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