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Beautiful pure bred siberian husky, female Lost. She is super sweet, a little shy, and is called Luna, or lulu, our daughter calls her luna, her birth name is lulu. She ran away from our apart. on Oct. 28th at around 4:00 and kept running. We will be posting flyers but if you have seen her or have her, we are willing to compensate and reward the finder. Our phone number is 619-980-0585. My name is Katy, my husbands name is bryce, and we are worried about her so any help or info. would be appreciative. respond via text, call, or email, we are desperate to find her, so please dont hesitate to call if you found her.
Missing my English Springer Spaniel, Gordon, who slipped out a gate on 10/06 in the Highlands. He's about 60 lbs and liver/white. Had a collar with ID and is microchipped. Our phone number is 502-458-4848. Any info/help would be greatly appreciated.
Lost or stolen female lab mix. She is reddish yellow, with a white spot on her chest, blind in one eye. She dissapeared from 146 & Hiaett ln in henry co. On sept 9th. She is 7 years old, energetic and playful. I am offering a large cash reward to anyone who has information on her location, a friend or a neighbor. No questions asked, just cash. I want her back. Thanks for your time (859)983-4705
Found a beautiful lab/sheperd mix Saturday night off Brownsboro Rd. Female, about 1 year old, black with white on the belly and paws. She is very sweet and well-behaved. No collar or tags and she is not micro-chipped. Would love to find her owners or a good home for her. We already have a dog and can't keep her. Please e-mail me if you lost a dog that fits this description!
Lost, mixed breed, golden color small dog. Possibly a Feist dog or part chihuahua. Has a docked tail, red collar, very shy.
Please respond to Steven at 502-387-1719. Her name is Clarice and she has been missing since November 7, 2010 near the U of L Housing or 7th and Hill. She is a rescue dog and is very shy. She has tags.

Desperate to get her back. Email me at

Thank you.
LOST/MISSING: blonde male cat in Jeffersonville, Indiana on July 20, 2010. Named Kenny. My name is Holly, cell 502-836-9290.
Lost long hair male cat,his name is Fluffy. 502-376-2920
I received an anonymous call two days ago demanding a substantial 'reward' and was confrontational when I asked questions about the description of the dog. He turned a moment of joy into a nightmare. I asked that I see the dog, that I wasn't paying for 'dog' that didn't exist or the wrong one. My 7 year old daughter is expecting Santa to find Gordy (it's on her wish list). She asks me everyday. If the caller reads this (and has my dog), please take him to the Vet of your choice so that I can have a conversation with someone who can better identify the dog as mine and I can continue to work with you. I will be grateful but I can't condone dog napping.

This is a test using the photo icon for the placing of a photo.

REWARD, please help find our little white mini schnauzer, she looks like a little maltese.  She is all white, floppy ears, a cropped tail and weights appx 7lbs.  Please please help bring her home in time for Christmas.  She went missing from the Stonybrook/ Hurstbourne Ln area on Dec 20th 2010.  We miss her so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Please call me 502-294-0370

It's been 4 months and Gordy's 4th birthday is Friday. Here's hoping he is still alive/healthy and being taken care of. I'm still following up on some things and keep him advertised on Craigslist. I get the daily emails from the shelters and newpapers. Quite a few near misses, but I'm still hoping.
This guy turned out to be a red herring. I had a detective subpoena the anon phone call. This included collecting documents to prove Gordon was 'worth' the investigation ($500 and this becomes a felony). I can't imagine what motivates an idiot like this to provoke a total stranger (me) who is desperately searching for his dog. Downright sick.

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