This was my Buddy Love..I tried to do the memorial but it took me to C-J's website to place an ad.

He was in the family for over 10 years. Lately he had taken to going outside with me every morning to help see me off to work. I came home yesterday and my husband told me he'd accidentally backed over him with the car.

I just needed to talk about him somewhere besides Facebook. Having a hard time concentrating on work today. :( Thank you.

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Hi Lynda.

How very sorry I am to hear about Buddy Love. So heartbreaking... I'd like to offer you any help I can. You're welcome to contact me via our website: if you can't find something there. We have an abundance of information on pet loss and grief. We also have a free tributes page, message board, and tonight at 9PM is our online Pet Loss Support Group. Also, our candlelight vigil and animal bleassing, Honoring the Animals, is a week from Sunday on National Pet Memorial Day. It's at St. Andrews Episcopal Church in the Highlands at 4PM. You can get more information here: We read pet's names out loud at the event during the lighting of the candles. So, please let me know if I can help and again, I am so sorry for your loss.




Gail Heller, Founder
Chance's Spot

Thank you so much, Gail. I feel better today. We've been going to the lake a lot. There is this kitten that someone obviously dropped there. We're going to take it home after camping there this weekend. I know it won't replace Buddy, but we will have someone new to love and we get to rescue it too. My husband is there now and that cat hasn't left his side. That makes me feel better because he was feeling really guilty about running over Buddy. I will check out your website.



I don't know what your personal beliefs are... but maybe the kitten is a sign. Especially since it hasn't left your husband.


Please take care.

I do believe in signs and I said the same thing!


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