Merry Christmas Eve All!

Collin, my 8 year English bulldog, arrived home around 1:45 pm or so today.

I received a call from a local entrepreneur, who is located down the street from me. She said that her son and a friend found my dog as they were hiking. You can only imagine my response when I saw Collin. I not only kissed the dog but also everyone in that household!

Collin, right now, is a visual candidate for the ASPCA's anti-cruelty campaign, unfortunately. He has lost about 15 pounds, has plenty of what seems to be briar scratches, there's been some bleeding in the mouth, and he has some obvious stiffness in his neck. However, his appetite (and, to an amazing degree his spirit) is still amazingly well, considering what he has apparently experienced.

I will be talking to a local vet later today, who was nice enough to see me after her Christmas Eve festivities with family. Until that time, I've been asked to feed him eggs, rich, and chicken to bulk up his protein intake.

I'm writing you because somewhere along the line, you gave your support to me in some way. Some of you called to check in on me. Some of you helped me in my search. Some of you forwarded emails of well wishing. Some of you placed my dog's profile among your face book friends and listserves. Some of you just listened . Whatever the means, please know I will never forget your kindness. I am so blessed. Thanks, and have a wonderful holiday season.

Many thanks,


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